NARI 2019 National Contractor of the Year Award

Laundry Extraordinaire   

This project was awarded a NARI Contractor of the year award in 2019. Since the original build, the space had served as a mechanical room and garden room/workshop. The laundry was currently in an adjacent room that would soon become a home office, so it was determined this mechanical room space would be utilized. There were however a few challenges to work through first. This very special and highly detailed laundry is now a beautiful space that makes a common chore more pleasant and easier to manage. Our clients are thoroughly delighted.

Project Scope:

  • Complete a renovation of the kitchen:
    o Install new appliances and custom cabinetry
    o Open family room to kitchen by removing wall
    o Design and install custom serving bar

  • Create a deluxe and very functional laundry area in an existing mechanical room:
    o Custom doors to conceal furnace room from laundry
    o Washer and dryer enclosure with flipper pocket door system
    o Three laundry hamper drawers with Rev-A-MotionTM pneumatic assist
    o Modified pull out pantry cabinet for laundry supplies
    o Dog wash

  • Level uneven concrete and install new tile floor

  • Design all of clients’ needs and wants into a small and very constrained space

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Complete Exterior and interior block walls created barriers to reconfiguration:
    o Relocated some mechanicals to open space, working around interior block walls, behind new washer and dryer space, behind existing furnace and water heater

    o Relocated gas line entry point

  • Minimize impact of furnace and water heater:

    o Custom site-built steel reinforced bookcase doors to conceal the furnace and storage

  • Window sills 28 inches above floor. Client did not want to move windows up in masonry exterior walls:

    o Custom height base cabinets to accommodate sill height

    o Farm sink set at this lower height in custom cabinet

  • Plumbing drain lines not near new laundry:

    o Utilized exploratory camera to determine how to connect drains

    o Saw cut concrete floor to accommodate drains

    o Finished drains inside concrete floor depth to obtain proper slope

  • Detail and feature requirements created complexity:

    o Washer and dryer elevated in cabinet w/flipper retractable door system

    o Waterfall details on quartz counters

    o Quartz counter cut for farm sink custom top edge reveal

    o Six different styles of knobs and pulls

    o Custom laundry hampers with specialized hardware

  • Dog wash to be created inside exterior door to hall:

    o Slope floor w/o threshold to drain - leveling needed to accommodate new floor tile

    o Wainscot and chair rail layout to accommodate full uncut tiles at dog wash


  • Custom site-built steel reinforced bookcase “hidden” doors with hidden Soss hinges for access to mechanical room

  • Sound reduction for washer and dryer - rubber mats and sound insulation

  • Custom stacked washer/dryer enclosure with flipper pocket door system. Limited door size due to loading constraints necessitated four doors but each side (upper & lower) was bracketed to open together.

  • Three laundry hamper drawers with Rev-A-MotionTM pneumatic assist (soft open & close)

Architectural Elements:

  • Seven-layer crown detail

  • Light rail

  • Leaded glass transom over doorway

  • Waterfall details on quartz counters

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